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just breathe

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The past few years have been a bit of a blur in the newly minted House of Thornton. I’m sure all of you can imagine the chaos of adopting a non-English-speaking almost-3 year old from Ethiopia, getting engaged a week later, and married 10 weeks after that . . . AND THEN quitting one job and starting a new one. . .makes me tired just thinking about it! ┬áRecently, I’m learning to not think about it, and instead to live in the today. To enjoy what we have in all of it’s chaotic deliciousness. Zach reminds me often that we are in a really, really good place as a family and as individuals. I’m not sure why I rehash the past so much in my mind or let the past aches of pain still creep in and define my current situation. ┬áI’m certainly looking forward to leaning into the present, my present, and moving forward.

Onward and upward!

love this

pure bliss

Everyone I know should watch this:

And then listen to this:





i heart my job

Auburn Student with “Full Purpose” from Eagle Eye TV on Vimeo.

I heart my brother


What you are doing is incredible. I love you.
Your amazingly proud big sister

i like adoption

if this doesn’t inspire you, then you deserve coal in your stocking.

New Film Premiere – I Like Adoption. from on Vimeo.


simply elegant

feeding 9 billion of us

save the world from fwp

why care?

Why Care? Campaign