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Monthly Archives: September 2008

birthday eve

well I officially have ONE more day to be 27.  I feel like I should do something crazy.  Any suggestions?

Happy Birthday Ben!!

My friend Daphne is adopting a little boy from Ethiopia and today is his first birthday.  We all can’t wait to meet Ben and are praying that he comes home as soon as possible!!

coffee, that’s what my day is missing!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a caffeine addiction.  But I can’t really fathom my life without coffee.  Its pretty much my favorite thing about waking up in the morning.  And for any of you who have seen me in the morning, you know why.   That said, this morning I woke up, did […]

hello, my name is ___________________.

So the reality of adoption is beginning to hit me.  Soon, well, hopefully soon, motherhood will land on the brock house . . . and all I know is that everything in my life is going to change.   I was having lunch with some sweet friends and their kids from church today and asked […]

side note

Stevo moved to Italy & started a blog. . .and yes, he’s in Tuscany. . .that’s so awesome.

Sao Paulo shenanigans

Yesterday was a work day.  For the curious ones out there, I came here to recruit students for Auburn’s MBA program.  The event I attended was really great and I think we have quite a few interested students.  After the event a bunch of the recruiters all went out for some true Brazilian cuisine. . […]

Sao Paulo

I’m here. I’m safe.  I’m well rested, and my, my isn’t life fantastic!

a few haikus for you

ADOPTION notarize this and pay money pay money pay motherhood comes soon LIFE airplane car hotel work sleep drive write teach eat sleep is my life most days

ten things that make me smile

1. running 2. laughing 3. precious friends 4. snuggly clothes 5. being one day closer to graduation 6. being one day closer to being a mom 7. rainy days 8. sunny days 9. encouraging conversations  10. silence