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Monthly Archives: November 2008


Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your prayers and concern. I just made it safely to New York and will be traveling home to spend some time with my parents. I’ll post more later and will for sure put up pictures from India, but for right now I need some down time to rest and […]

Food and travel

So I just ate what is quite possibly the most spicy breakfast EVER. I think the chef at the hotel restaurant took a liking to me because I was willing to try his all-Indian, all-vegetarian breakfast option. He kept piling my plate and explaining to me what all the different foods were and then brought […]

India and other places

So I’ve been traveling a lot recently. And by a lot, I mean as much as possible. With the baby coming in the spring, I’m trying to get the travel bug out of my system so that once the baby comes, I’ll be set. The best part of the whole deal, is that my current […]

1st Bi-Annual GCC BlueS Awards

Small sampling of some of this year’s winners: Best All Round Most likely to grow up to be a teletubbie (and for serendating their teacher)     Most likely to make you feel retarded (and for the shout out)   1.  I have the best job ever. 2.  I have the best students ever. 3.  I am SO PROUD of […]


This post by my sister-in-law, Meredith makes me miss my family.