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Monthly Archives: February 2009

it’s 98 degrees in cincinnati,ohio!

so I’m here in red socks country.  home of busken cookies (a new personal favorite), george clooney, jim dine, pete rose, and who could forget 98 degrees.   also, there’s snow here. . .

mary gordon on being alive

g has two sounds

on being a graduate student

Q: How do you know you need to get out more? A: When you get overly excited when you finally find your APA Publication Manual.

dear jesus

thank you for making the sun shine brightly in alabama in february thank you for 60 degree weather in february and most of all thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy those two things today.

to run is to breathe

So I’ve been learning a lot recently about myself, relationships, and the like. People keep telling me to just breathe. More specifically they tell me to concentrate on my breathing so that I can focus on that which is life giving. Bill Bright used to say that you should breathe in the Lord and the […]

his name

Brought to you by the country of Ethiopia and the letter g I think I want to name him Gabe.  Well for real I want to name him Solomon Gabriel Brock . . . but I’m going to call him Gabe.

morning time and sweet songs

this video found via Phil Coffman made my morning

Traffic in Mumbai, India

My little prince

All I have of my son is pictures.  8 to be exact.  I keep looking at them trying to memorize every little detail about him.  Although I can’t wait to see him in the flesh, I am most excited to learn who he is and to know all the things about him that my eyes […]