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Monthly Archives: March 2009

today I have lived and loved. . .

1. grace 2. freedom 3. rain storms that catch you off guard 4. quirky friends who seek love in unique ways 5. being comfortable in my own skin 6. discovery 7. writing 8. being almost done with school.  FINALLY. 9. reconnecting with friends both old & new 10. realizing that the past isn’t so scary […]

no news is NOT good news

still waiting on a court date . . . next week will be the 2 month mark

debt free . . . what a novel idea america!!

adoption. some days are better than others

. . . and today is not one of the good days. 6 weeks down and still no court date. bummer. He’s 4 months old today-ish


please pray for sweet friends, Allen & Courtney Tipping as they walk through these next few hours, days, weeks, and months. Specific prayers from their blog: “Pray for Courtney’s body to heal quickly. Pray for Allen and Courtney to hurt over the loss of their 6 babies in the healthiest way, but to also lean on […]

Visit our websight!

. . .as seen on a poster in the Opelika, Alabama courthouse.  The poster was advertising customized car tags with     *wait for it*     your favorite racecar driver. WOW.

why auburn, alabama is awesome and strange all at the same time

Last weekend:  Saturday Morning: Tornados Saturday Afternoon: 65 and pleasant Sunday All day: SNOW Rest of the week: 60-80 and BEAUTIFUL

best twitter EVER

  Thank you Tina Fey