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Monthly Archives: July 2009

dear facebook

I take it back.  I still don’t like you. Sorry Rachel (and everybody else) I just can’t bring myself to be a facebooker right now.  Until then, just pick up your phone and call me!  Or better yet, hop on over & visit in person!  (that’s the best)

Lil’ Ole Auburn

So I’ve been on a bit of an Auburn high recently.  Especially since we made US News and World Report’s “Top 10 Best Places to Live in America” list last month.  Although I moved here kicking and screaming a few years (read: almost FIVE!!!) ago and was pretty sure that when I moved here I was […]

Thanks & I love you.

On the day I lost the baby I had 26 voice mail messages, about 100 text messages, and dozens of missed calls when I turned on my phone that night.  The next day, I got even more. Even though I wasn’t in a place where I could take the calls, It made me feel really, […]

Good luck, my friends!

So I don’t know much about swimming, and I know even less (read *nothing at all*) about being a professional athlete. However, some of my friends know a great deal about both of those things. And for those of you who don’t know, next week is the FINA World Championships in Rome. Apparently, it’s kind […]

In my element

Getting back to basics and doing things that I love. Also, to all of my longboarding friends who are out of town . . . GET BACK HERE ASAP!  I mean it!

well apparently,

I am not a movie buff . . . and my friends have recently taken it upon themselves to catch me up to speed. This weekend’s classic: The back story, and the cat I never told you about: Before I left for the beach, South Carolina, or Greece, I found a cat . . . […]

2 things I love.

Potlucks and these people.

on being healthy

In my life I’ve learned that I have to do very distinct things to stay healthy. Not just physically healthy (although that’s a big part of it), but more so mentally and emotionally healthy. These are the things that I need. I need rest. Rest in many different forms. Rest as in sleeping. Rest as […]

hugs & healing & heart capacity

Over the past few weeks I’ve really come to cherish the warm embraces of people who love me. In other words, my friends give great hugs. Some of them were comfort hugs-like the kind where you can cry on their shoulder and stain their shirt with your pain. Some of them were “wow, it’s SO […]

R & R

Currently in Greece enjoying life. Definitely needed this. Definitely feeling restored. Definitely more to do here than in Auburn. I’ll post more on the flip side.