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Monthly Archives: August 2009

snails mails

Josh sent me this in the mail last week.  I laughed for about an hour. Thanks buddy!

Summer Book Brigade, Parts II & III

Finished Sedaris about a week ago.  Not my favorite one, but funny and entertaining nonetheless. Friday I finished Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman. This book left me in somewhat of a funk.  Though the funk might (at least in part) be due to the triple-whammy of sinus infection, virus, and headache that left me in […]

Allender on Powerlessness and Change

But powerlessness against constancy does not me defeat.  Rather it means I must be ever vigilant—ever seeking truth & shalom, ever feeding goodness into my soul, into my life.

art & life

In other words, see the art for what it is and do so without being distracted by the life of the artist.  As an artist it took me a while to digest this idea.  Probably because my own art is so integrally tied to who I am and the life that I live. But as […]

Shalom (and more nuggets from Allender)

“Shalom is a peace that not only recalls all the pieces of one’s life but sees how the parts fit together in a unified and glorious whole.  Shalom involves rest and gratitude; it provides a momentary balance and harmony where all things seem right.  We know for moments of this peace, but it is not […]


I usually operate at about 96%.  In other words, I never usually have my act COMPLETELY together.  Although I do give it my best shot, it never fails, that elusive 4% gets me every time. Take last week for example.  It’s 8:00 am and I’m geared up to teach my first class of the semester. […]

Wanted: Narrator of Awkward Social Situations

While dining in Chicago my friends and I discovered a new game: narrating the internal dialogue of our restaurant companions at Harry Caray’s: Scenario 1: Ms. Lonely heart: Gorgeous woman on a date with 2 gay men, one of whom she was oh-so-obviously in love with.  I told my friend Brian I’d give him $20 […]

Breathe by U2

The lyrics that get me every time: Every day I die again, and again I’m reborn Every day I have to find the courage To walk out into the street With arms out Got a love you can’t defeat Neither down nor out There’s nothing you have that I need I can breathe Breathe now […]

Relationships & Elephants

Things are never as they seem. Over the past few years I’ve discovered that new relationships are somewhat like opening presents at a white elephant party where only half of the guests know about the ‘white elephant’ part. Sometimes you open an ill-wrapped and slightly-crumpled envelope, not expecting much, and instead find that you’ve just […]