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Monthly Archives: September 2009


the football

So my friend Ryan is uber-funny and also has mad graphic design skillz.  He also likes selling football tickets.  I too like selling football tickets.  However, I am not as funny as he is (nor do I possess his mad internet skillz), so he’s letting me mooch off of his coolness and sell mine through […]

love this town

a lesson in car safety, ethnicity and gender

So my dad was in a pretty bad car accident on Wednesday. Car totaled, mild amnesia for a while, concussion, sprained ankle, but overall, pretty OK . . . all except for one minor mixup at the hospital: I have a feeling that when filling out my dad’s paper work, the intern at the front […]


Heading to New York tomorrow to do some recruiting for work.  If you’re in the mood for an MBA, head here on Saturday, I’d truly love to meet you.  Truly.

for the curious

This is what my life is like most days: sitting and writing. . .one bird at a time!

happy birthday brother

To my brother, on the day commemorating his birth You have no idea what type of influence you hold in my life.  I know I always tease you about being strange and quirky (mostly it’s because you’re a Brock and it’s true) and that sometimes I’m not all that great of a big sister. When […]

thanks bono

Soundtrack for my afternoon compliments of @paul_hewson


I enjoy free things But sometimes they’re not so nice Dog poo on my shoe

so it is

full life = boring blog I’ll take the former.