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Monthly Archives: November 2009

then and now

Coming back home after this holiday season I was struck with just how very different this homecoming was compared to the one 365 days prior. Then I was dog tired, emotionally spent, and sick as could be. Now I am well-rested, have many more emotional tools in my toolbox, and am healthy as a clam. […]

travel bug

anybody want to go to the galapagos? like tomorrow-ish?

this i believe

1. my value will never be determined in numbers 2. neither will yours 3. one cannot have too much love 4. one should always celebrate holidays with family (both real and those you collect along the way) 4. sharing a meal is perhaps the best way to get to know someone 5. everybody needs a […]

woodland creatures

a field mouse, two slugs and a rat came to visit so long mouse and slugs rat has decided to camp behind the oven he thinks he’s so smart but soon, rat, very soon you will be food for that snake that lives with matt just wait until you slip up and enter the trap […]


I can’t wait until I have kids.


The Missing Piece

Below is a precious email from my friend Bill.  He died a few years ago from complications from an epileptic seizure. Although I know in my mind he is gone, when I read things like this, part of me likes to pretend he’s still knocking around, wearing his white t-shirt and glasses, and as usual, […]


So George and I decided to split a CSA this season.  What’s a CSA you ask? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a way for us to get delicious, organic vegetables every week, and in the words of our farmer, “is a rapidly emerging alternative to conventional food marketing that creates a direct […]

sweet friend

My sweet friend Alisha needs your prayers.


. . .is definitely the place to be today.