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Monthly Archives: May 2010

baby katie

do you think he can fly?

these will never cease to be funny and also somewhat sad because I know people that really do think Jesus and Christianity are like this.

one hundred and five

That’s how many days I’ve known Caleb That’s how many days I’ve been his mother Most of the time, we do a lot of really normal stuff together Sometimes we play Sometimes we get dressed Sometimes we bathe Sometimes we eat Sometimes we sleep Sometimes we comfort each other Sometimes we just watch each other […]

charlotte bornstein

. . . is FAB-U-LOUS


filling the ole lexical gap.

live bigger

simply precious

boys will be girls

Part Deuce

Dear faithful reader (hi mom!),

As you know, I’ve been furiously working on my dissertation recently which is why I’ve been somewhat at a loss for words in this forum. This blank-ness is also why I’ve been posting multitude of Caleb pictures and videos (which I’m convinced is the main reason you come to this site anyway) BUT, hopefully I’ll […]