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Monthly Archives: November 2011

somethin’ ain’t right

In the ┬álast 2 and a half months life has been really full, really fun, really, really busy, and at times exhausting. Part of the exhaustion stems from the fact that I can’t seem to stay healthy. Without going into too much detail lets just say I’ve had many more days of sick than days […]

love you mack

love this

happy birthday my prince

  Dear Ephraim, This is one of the first pictures I ever saw of you. It’s from the day I got your referral–February 4, 2009. You were 2 months old and from what they’ve told me, you were an amazing little baby. Today’s your birthday. You just turned 3. I can’t even hardly believe it. […]

last one, i promise

more on storytelling

abandoning crap