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on being healthy

In my life I’ve learned that I have to do very distinct things to stay healthy. Not just physically healthy (although that’s a big part of it), but more so mentally and emotionally healthy. These are the things that I need.

I need rest.
Rest in many different forms. Rest as in sleeping. Rest as in quiet moments. Rest as in rejuvenation.

I need food.
Really, really good food. Food that I saw grow from the seed and beautify gardens. Food that makes friends linger and laugh together. Food that brings life and health to my body.

I need exercise.
Running until my legs feel like they are going to fall off. Running until my lungs burn the deep burn of pushing my body to the edge of itself. Running with reckless abandon after the things of life.

I need family.
As my mom would say, “because family’s family, and that means something.”

I need friends.
Friends who aren’t afraid to laugh or cry with me. Friends who give hugs. Friends who are willing to get down to this business of living life together. Friends who are willing to get messy and involved.

I need love.
Love that comes from people that know me well and love me anyways. Love that comes from God. Love that shows me that being just who I am, where I am. . .as simply and honestly as I can, is all I have to do.

I need hope.
Hope that everything is going to be OK. That I’m going to be OK.

These. These are the things that I need.

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