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save the world from fwp

too cool for school

espresso & kittens

the best medicine

After such a long, hard, and tearful day yesterday of saying goodbye for now to our children, a bunch of us went to dinner at a restaurant called Yod Abyssinia. The food was great and it was so good to be in a place where we could all relax and ‘just be’ for a minute. […]

well, he peed on me

So I guess that’s a good sign that he’s comfortable around me. ¬†Actually when I got home to the guest house, all of the workers were quite excited for me because in Ethiopia it is considered good luck when I child pees on your leg because it means you’re going to have a baby. ¬†At […]

alabama stereotype, check!

because everybody needs a little dancing santa in their lives

so this exists

and also has the ability to make me laugh outloud. every. single. time.

the lion

hell in a handbasket