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favorite blog as of late

100% awesome

but a dr. none the less

best wedding invite EVER.

via the wedinator

this is amazing and I think everybody should vote for Zach



When I wake up in the mornings I look pretty terrible. It usually takes me a few minutes to get my bearings, drink my coffee and generally get my day started. Some mornings are rougher than others. Recently they’ve been harder than most; mainly because I write best and most clearly at night. I think […]

this is alabama

And for what it’s worth, I won’t be voting for this guy tomorrow. Maybe it’s the business person in me, but it makes sense, does it to you? /p>

oh snap!

haiku pickup lines

complements of one mr. joshua blankenship. thank you friend, this brightened my day.

do you think he can fly?

these will never cease to be funny and also somewhat sad because I know people that really do think Jesus and Christianity are like this.