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Chicago, Part I

Favorites (and also a list of pictures that I did not take):

1. View from the lounge at the John Hancock Building. Really, if I lived in Chicago, I would make it a point to go here at least once a week.

2. Meeting some new friends, catching up with some old ones (Hi Tracey! Hi John!).

3. Running with Alix and the boys along the lake shore (and cheering on the 3 day pink ribbon walkers). Double hi-fives are the best!

4. Watching the waves come in at night at the beach near Jeremy’s apartment.

5. People watching along the Magnificent Mile.

6. Learning how other people in my field are using sustainability in their classrooms.

7. Discovering that there are a good many like-minded souls in my field.

8. Getting free first class upgrades on both flights. (BOOYAH!)

9. Learning from at least 4 different people that Chicago is not called the windy city because it’s literally windy. Rather, it is called the windy city because of all of the “wind” that the politicians of the city blow around. I guess I should have known this from the whole Blagojevich debacle a few months back. Regardless, it was quite windy.

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