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Sao Paulo shenanigans

Yesterday was a work day.  For the curious ones out there, I came here to recruit students for Auburn’s MBA program.  The event I attended was really great and I think we have quite a few interested students.  After the event a bunch of the recruiters all went out for some true Brazilian cuisine. . .if you are ever here you have to try the tambaqui.  It’s an amazonian fish and it is by FAR one of the most amazing foods I’ve ever eaten.  After dinner the brazilians in the group took us to a small dive joint for some authentic samba music & dancing. . .the music was GREAT, my dancing. . .we’ll lets just say there’s much room for improvement.

This is the bridge/art that I did not walk on

Today I ventured out quite a bit.  I went for a run this morning in Ibirapuera Park. . .it’s kind of like Sao Paulo’s version of Central Park.  It was really nice to get out, feel the cool air, & move around.  I went shopping for a little bit at Iguatemi, a really posh mall. . .it was really nice but not exactly in the “graduate student/adopting a kid” budget.  After an hour or so of window shopping I cheated & went to Starbucks to get a coffee that took more than 2 sips to finish, before heading over to Pinacoteca do Estado & Parque da Luz to soak in some Brazilian art & horticulture.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I teared up most of the way through Pinacoteca.  The museum volunteers must have thought I was off my rocker.  Especially the one who tried to get me to participate in an interactive contemporary art piece by Rubens Mano called Contemplação suspensa.  It’s essentially a half finished suspension bridge that allows participants/viewers to walk out over the atrium of the museum (3 stories below).  I had to explain to him in my sad excuse for Portuguese that I don’t like bridges. . .I’m not sure he understood, but he sure did laugh a lot.  

I forget how much I miss making art until I go to places where I’m engulfed by it.

My favorite part of this trip so far is the car game I played with Borgin, my cab driver from the Iguatemi to Pinacoteca.  He wanted to play the game, “I’ll teach you Portuguese, if you teach me English.”  Between my almost non-existent Portuguese and pathetic Spanish we managed to teach each other quite a bit in the half hour drive.  It was actually really, really fun.  If I ever moved here, I’d seriously consider hiring Borgin to teach me the language.  He was such a jolly old grandfatherly man!

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