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India and other places

So I’ve been traveling a lot recently. And by a lot, I mean as much as possible. With the baby coming in the spring, I’m trying to get the travel bug out of my system so that once the baby comes, I’ll be set. The best part of the whole deal, is that my current job (that I really love) is providing these opportunities. I’ve never considered recruiting or admissions as a career, but so far it has been awesome. I’ve always had this drive to positively impact people’s lives and as it’s turning out, recruiting and admissions is an incredible opportunity to do just that.

Although I’m still working very diligently to become a professor and use teaching to influence people, this temporary position is turning into a fantastic opportunity to see many facets of higher education, discover what it means to market and recruit a business program, impact lives by giving them an opportunity to study at a major university in the southeastern US, and see the world.

Currently I’m in Mumbai, still slightly jet lagged and staying in an incredible hotel that more-than-slightly resembles a spaceship. I’m in the Mars section, which instead of resembling a hot, red planet, strikes me as more of an all-natural wood and marble resort. I haven’t had much luck loading my pictures from the camera, so pictures might have to wait until I return.

Recently, some of my friends have been giving me a hard time about not updating my life in photos, so this trip, I’m going to give it a valiant effort. Until then. . .


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